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IoT TARDIS Project Demonstration

status: Beta[ A ]

[host: ]

creator: Richard Hoppel

click on graphics for action & expanded information

the remote control center for the universe
[Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU and Node-Red]

Hardware Platforms [tiny server & tiny remote node]

demo_tn breadboard_tn schematic_bb_tn
click to project slide 3 for demo diagram
K9-node Live! [platform: ESP8266]
Webcam not available - try refreshing screen

Display Image Legend [platform: K9-node (8266 based)]

Status I/O Pin Status WebCam
display_legend_1_tn display_legend_2_tn display_legend_3_tn

Live Interactive Demo

Node-Red Web UI controls K9-node Monitor Node-Red Status K9-node live Webcam
main_ui_tn_live main_tn_live K9_2_live_tn

Project Images [static]

Status I/O Pins Schematic Breadboard
K9_1_tn K9_2_tn schematic_tn bb_tn

Node-Red Control Flows (platform: Raspberry Pi)

Configuration Main Control Update Node
nr-config_tn main_tn update_tn

K9-Node Software Diagrams

Draw_io diagrams component diagram use diagram entity diagram class diagram sql diagram
draw_icon Component_tn Use_tn entity_tn class_tn sqlite_tn

Project Documentation

IoT TARDIS Project: PUBLIC Evernote Notebook IoT TARDIS Project [JIRA PM] IoT TARDIS Project [Evernote Notebook] IoT TARDIS Project - OneNote notebook GitHub Node-red repository
jira_tn evernote_tn

Project Style

[background color] #82624b
[text colors] #7faedb #ed7d31 white LightBlue
[Fonts] Font: Fjalla One Font: Anaheim

Live Node-Red

Live Platform Tools

for local network use only

SQLite Administrator System Information

Supporting Technical Documents

Markdown Cheatsheet HTML Cheatsheet Node-Red Docs Node-Red Blog
Node-Red Releases JSONata [Raspberry Pi Docs] [RPi-clone]
Raspberry Pi Hardware NodeMCU Docs Lua 5.1 Reference Lua LuaSrcDiet
Lua File Operations on ESP826 ESP8266 Non-OS SDK API Reference SPIFFS FLASH file system
WeMos Devices WeMos Store ESP8266 Web Colors

Development Tools

js sequence diagrams markup editor for Evernote diagramming SQLite DB on Raspberry Pi Etcher: Burn SD card images spiffmsg - Manipulate SPI FLASH file systems images

Technical Social Groups

Node-Red Discourse Discussion Group Node-Red Google Group Learning Node-Red black for Node-Red

WWW and Security

Let's Encrypt CertBot HAproxy Test SSL Google Domains

Home Assistant

Home Assistant Awesome Home Assistant HassOs hypervisor Buildroot (used to create HassOs)


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